Our story

As the world focuses on advancing women in leadership, the narrative of women in such positions is changing. The self-narrative of female leaders is even more important for shaping a culture that makes gender equity a priority. Confidence is said to be the cornerstone of leadership, even as important as competence; yet gaining confidence can be a struggle. Evidence has shown that women are less self-assured than men are. The good news is that confidence can be learned, like any career skill. In leadership, appearances matter when it comes to whether or not someone is perceived as leadership material. Posture and overall appearance affect both the mental state and how others perceive you. It has been said that you convey an aura of leadership if you know the part, act the part and look the part. When you have an executive presence, people take notice.

Pride Journey is about moving women from competence to confidence in leadership roles. Inspired by the energy and stride of South Africa and its women, we provide a wardrobe solution for professional women. We do this by creating ready-to-wear with a focus on functionality and quality. We do not live up to trends; rather we focus on classic pieces with an edge. We believe that power dressing is about well-fitting clothes that bring out the confidence in a woman. We also think that hardworking women deserve a clothing brand that advantages them in conveying a message of professionalism and credibility. The Pride Journey customer is a woman on the rise who has a myriad of decisions to make, who does not want to perpetually spend time in fitting rooms and equally appreciates a simplified morning routine whether at home or travelling.

We take time to think, design and construct every piece using real women. We believe that the construct of a garment is the most important feature for women’s clothing and instead of using book measurements; we design our clothing using fit models. This ensures that the fit is as good for a size 30 as it is for a size 42.

We are a socially responsible brand who believes in the empowerment of other women as well as upholding ethical fashion practices with a strong focus on sustainability.